Solid websites

600-800 word posts on solid websites

DA 20+
Trust flow 10+
Niche relevant

Premium websites

Websites that can pack a punch, drive traffic and build authority. 900+ word articles

DA 30+
Trust flow 20+
Minimum 200 visitors
Niche relevant

Game changers

Powerful websites with 1500+ word articles that drive traffic and authority

DA 40+
Trust flow 30+
2000+ visitors
Authority websites

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We charge loosely based on the metrics of websites in order to provide a tiered guest post approach. When we post suggestions we may well mixing higher tier websites as the level you order will be the minimum level you receive.

We always ensure that the posts that we write are unique, and run through copyscape as a minimum.

We take a practical approach to assessing publishers. We eyeball websites and make sure they look genuine and that they are publishing good quality materials. We then dive into the metrics and look at the main authority, trust flow, traffic, inbound anchor links, evidence of a Google penalty, domain age and a number of other metrics.

The goal is to satisfy ourselves that the site will provide you with good value when we publish an article on it.

A common stat that is quoted at the moment is that rankings are around 40% to do with the content that you publish on your website. A significant portion of the rest of the ranking situation is accounted for by inbound links, and links from within your own website. Guest posts undoubtably still drive rankings up, and they will continue to do so for a long time into the future.

When developing a marketing campaign you should take a proactive and comprehensive approach. That means using social media, link building, local directories and all the other means of promotion that are available to you. Taking a rounded approach to search engine optimisation will give you the best chance of success.

Google actively encourages links when they are received in a natural way. The problem is that many people build guest post links in a smarmy way, making it all about the link and not about the content. Our guest posts are written with the purpose of ranking for keywords for the websites we are writing for and with a quality approach. We incorporate links naturally since they add value to a post, rather than jamming the main left right and centre.

When you do guest posting in the right way, for the right reasons, you will gain benefit and wants be taking risks.

Guest posts are still highly sought after and valuable. Building links enables Google to understand the authority of websites and so to cut through the fake and get to the real. Numerous metrics feed into this process but inbound links is certainly one that Google still rates extremely highly, using links as a key part of its ranking algorithm.

Natural language processing is a model that is used to understand how language is constructed. If you write in the correct way then Google is more likely to understand the topic of your content and therefore be able to rank it. We write guest posts with this in mind so that we are passing both link authority and topic relevance onto the landing pages that we are linking to.

We have a number of strategies that we use to find publishers. We outreach to websites that we know take guest posts and show them examples of our contents and build relationships. We also contact websites that rank well in various niche but don’t seem to have a good way of generating revenue. Three sites we put together a publishing schedule for them and pay them a small income for publishing, whilst they benefit from fresh content on a regular basis. We also look at three way link exchanges and have a lot of relationships with websites where we are building their topic relevant and website authority in return for them publishing articles.

Private blog networks are essentially networks of sites that are built in order to generate money through selling links, Google ads and other advertising media. The worst type of PPN is a link farm with into linking websites that are very easy to spot for Google.

We look at whether websites have a genuine purpose and audience and tend to judge them based on that, on their IP addresses and on their history of publication. We look at whether websites are just publishing guest posts and whether that seems to be their main activity. Our goal is to assess websites based on the value that they can provide, and how safe they are for you to be linked from.

We avoid PBN the damp is an agenda’s and are constantly evolving our outreach activities to ensure that we are getting the best possible sites for your guest post campaigns.

When you are building links you want a natural profile. That means building links with varied anchors and ensuring that you don’t go heavy on exact match anchor try to link to landing pages that actuallys. Offer value to website visitors. That may mean incorporating excellent frequently asked question pages, developing useful guides and resources, and making your landing pages informative and authoritative and not just sales focused. If there is a good reason to link to your website then there is a much better chance that you will achieve natural links as well as enhancing your authority through inbound guest post links.